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Welcome to this Federated Wiki site. From this page you can find who we are and what we do. New sites provide this information and then claim the site as their own. You will need your own site to participate.


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Here we describe how to use the web interface to the federated wiki. Read About Federated Wiki to learn about the project. If you are just starting to write in your first wiki then read the Field Guide to the Federation.

It looks like I have to be logged in (open padlock) in order for the federation to work. Otherwise, I can see in my logs that the proxy calls return "Forbidden."

I use PM2 for keeping long-running node applications running.

The Idea Compass is a method of notetaking created by Fei-Ling Tseng in her article The essence of the Zettelkasten method, demystified and explained further in the talk The Compass of Zettelkasten Thinking .

Christopher Reay has demonstrated that wiki page json can be reasonably stored as files in a git repo without unreasonable growth as version compound.


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